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China PV "out", Longi components "kicked" into Qatar World Cup!

The opening match of the Qatar World Cup began at 0 o 'clock on November 21, Beijing time.

The opening match of the Qatar World Cup began at 0 o 'clock on November 21, Beijing time.

As a quadrennial football carnival, the Qatar World Cup is not only a feast for football, but also a stage for the competition of goods and services from different countries. Since the launch of the opening ceremony, the ubiquitous "Chinese elements" have been popular one after another, demonstrating "China's power" to the world!

Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister and Spokesperson Hua Chunying posted eight tweets on Monday, introducing the "Chinese elements" that can be seen everywhere, including Chinese products, Chinese judges and Chinese "ambassadors" such as giant pandas.

 The article also specifically mentioned the solar photovoltaic power plants built by Chinese companies. Following that, official media, mainstream media and big V, including the Communist Youth League of China, Business Week and other major media, successively reported that the news of China PV's "participation" in the World Cup became a hot search!

The Halsa 800.15MW photovoltaic power plant in Qatar is the first solar power plant in Qatar and the third largest single photovoltaic power plant in the world so far.

 Located in Kharsaa, Qatar, the project is the world's largest photovoltaic project using tracking systems and double-sided modules, with all Longi Hi-MO 4 double-sided modules. 

The project is expected to provide Qatar with about 1.8 billion KWH of clean electricity per year, meet the annual electricity consumption of about 300,000 households, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 900,000 tons per year, which strongly supports Qatar's commitment to hosting a "carbon balanced" World Cup.

According to reports, the project was launched on October 18 at a ceremony attended by the King of Qatar and other officials, to which Longi was invited as a component supplier. Qatar's energy minister spoke at the ceremony. 

He said that the project is of great significance and could meet more than 10% of Qatar's peak electricity demand, and expressed high praise for the impact and demonstration of the project in Qatar and beyond.

Jia Chao, Vice President of Longi Green Global Marketing Center, said, "We are honored to help Qatar build this benchmark project based in the Middle East and the world. In the future, Longi is willing to work with more excellent local partners to help the development of renewable energy sector in the Middle East."

Photovoltaic has become a beautiful business card of China's advanced manufacturing industry in the world. This time, Chinese photovoltaic elements represented by Longi modules shine in the Qatar World Cup, letting fans around the world once again appreciate the elegance and charm of "Chinese photovoltaic". 

In the future, Longi will always focus on "first principles", drive technological change with innovation, continue to deliver efficient and reliable photovoltaic module products for users, and contribute "Longi strength" to the Middle East countries and the world to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.